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    Du bao thoi tiet - Tay Ninh


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    2nd Speaking test (E.8)Trucch

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    Người gửi: Lê Thị Thanh Trúc
    Ngày gửi: 08h:05' 31-03-2017
    Dung lượng: 52.0 KB
    Số lượt tải: 596
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    ENGLISH SPEAKING TEST (for reference)
    TERM: 2nd term GRADE: 8
    SCHOOL YEAR: 2016 – 2017

    A/ INTRODUCTION (0,5pt)

    1/ Greetings:
    2. Full name:
    3. Age, grade, class
    4. School:
    5. Home address:
    Good morning, Mrs. Truc.
    My full name’s ………………………………..
    I am 14 years old and I am in grade 8, class 8A5.
    I go to Thi Tran Tan Chau Secondary school.
    I live …………………………………………
    B/ TOPICS (1pt)
    * Good morning! My name’s …. and today I’d like to tell you about …



    1/ Instructions
    on burns
    - Cool the burns ….
    - Put the affected part …
    - Ease the pain …
    - Cover the …
    - Cool the burns immediately so as to minimize tissue damage.
    - Put the affected part under a running cold tap.
    - Ease the pain with ice or cold water packs.
    - Cover the burned area with a think sterile dressing.
    2/ How to reduce trash

    - Collect …
    - Group// Classify …
    - Reuse the things like …
    - Don’t liter// leave …

     - Collect the used things and find another use for them.
    - Group trash which belongs to paper, plastic, glass, metal, fabric or leather in order to recycle them.
    - Reuse things like plastic bottles, plastic bags, jars, old paper, envelopes and glass.
    - Don’t liter// leave trash everywhere.

    3/ My holiday in Viet Nam

    - Where did you go?
    - Who did you go with?
    - When do you go there?
    - How long do you stay there?
    - Which places did you do visit?
    - What did you do there?
    - What food did you enjoy?
    - How did you feel?

    I went to Nha Trang with my family last summer.
    We stayed there for five days.
    We visited Oceanic Institute and Vinpearl Land.
    We saw water music festival. It was wonderful.
    We went swimming in the morning and in the afternoon.
    We had great time there.
    We enjoyed seafood. It was delicious.
    We felt very impressed because the beaches are clean, cool and safe.
    4/ My vacation abroad

    - Where will you go?
    - Who will you go with?
    - How long will you stay there?
    - What will you do there?

    This summer vacation, my family and I will go on a trip to Thailand.
    We will stay there for one week.
    We will visit the temples, museums and … in Thailand.
    We will try some special food there and buy some gifts for my friends and my relatives in Viet Nam.
    5/ Preparing for Tet of my family

    - When does Tet occur ?
    - What has your father/ mother/ done?
    - What have you done?

    - What will your father/ mother/ you do?
    It is almost Tet. That’s the Lunar New Year Festival in Viet Nam.
    - My father has painted the gates and the walls.
    - He has planted some young trees.
    - My mother has bought some new things for my family.
    - She has bought me some new clothes, too.
    - I’ve tidied the rooms and the yards. I’ve already cleaned glass windows.
    - My father will have his hair cut.
    - My mother will go shopping to buy some flowers, fruit and some food.
    - I will wash the clothes and help my mother cook some traditional food.
    6/ A wonder of the world

    - What is the name of the wonder?
    - Where is it?
    - How long/ high/ thick/ deep/ wide …is it?

    The Great Wall of China, one of the greatest/ longest wonders of the world, was enlisted in the World Heritage by UNESCO in 1987. It is approximate 6,700 kilometers (4,163 miles) from east to west of China. It is between 4 and 12 meters high. It is over 9 meters thick.
    C/ QUESTIONS: (0,5pt)



    1/ Instructions
    on burns
    a/ Why do people do that?
    b/ What shouldn’t you do in order not to have a burn?
    c/ What should you do to avoid being burnt?

    a/ To minimize tissue damage.
    b/ I shouldn’t play with matches, lighters, fire.
    - I shouldn’t burn trash.
    c/ I should be careful with hot water// boiled water.
    - I should
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